Juvenile & CPS Defense

Juvenile courts in California are intended to protect our youth. However, just like any other legal matter, the power of the courts is tremendous. It is important for you to have the guidance and representation of a dynamic and aggressive trial lawyer whether you are facing allegations of child abuse or neglect, or your child is accused of committing an offense.

The Law Offices of Richard K. Isles a full-service family law and defense firm that draws on more than 25 years of experience in juvenile courts to protect the rights of minors accused of a crime in juvenile delinquency court, as well as providing strong defense representation for adults accused of neglect or abuse in juvenile dependency matters.

Safeguarding The Rights Of Juveniles Charged With A Crime

When a minor is charged with an offense, the juvenile delinquency court generally hears the case. Offenses can include misdemeanor, felony level or status offenses, such as truancy or curfew violations. A child accused of any level of offense has the right to have an attorney. The impact of a finding of guilt in juvenile court can result in direct penalties imposed by the court, as well as long-term consequences. Even a juvenile court disposition can adversely affect future job, military and educational opportunities. Juvenile delinquency proceedings are generally private matters. However, the long-range consequences can still be harsh.

Our trial lawyers have earned reputations as solid advocates and skilled counselors in juvenile delinquency proceedings. The juvenile justice system is geared, in part, to give many juvenile offenders a chance for rehabilitation. We look at every angle, including any potential options for diversion and alternative resolutions that may apply, to prepare and present a solid juvenile law defense to protect the futures of our clients. When the allegations are more serious, prosecutors may seek to try the child as an adult. Our substantial criminal defense experience can be your advantage in protecting your child.

Aggressive Representation In CPS Juvenile Dependency Cases

Juvenile dependency courts hear cases against the parent or caregiver of a child that involve allegations of child neglect, abuse or abandonment. These are serious matters as Child Protective Services is required to remove the child from his or her home in neglect and abuse cases. The juvenile dependency court determines the steps to take to protect the child, including potentially appointing a guardian or terminating the parents' rights.

When CPS investigates allegations of endangerment, our family law and criminal defense experience fortifies our ability to analyze the evidence and the agency's allegations. We aggressively represent parents accused of abuse, as well as interested parties or grandparents of a child who are seeking guardianship of a child in dependency matters.

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