Experienced CPS And Criminal Defense To Protect Your Rights

When you are facing a Child Protective Services Juvenile Dependency case, the fear and emotional trauma you encounter is overwhelming. At the Law offices of Richard K. Isles, understanding and aggressive strategic legal representation can be the perfect combination to advocate on your behalf in the juvenile court.

Our aggressive juvenile dependency attorneys in Riverside County and San Bernardino County have represented countless clients in dependency hearings since 1989. Cases such as shaken baby syndrome, neglect, fatalities and fractures are some of the levels of cases where we aggressively strive to get reunification for parents.

Local Knowledge And Substantial Experience Spanning More Than 25 Years

Our familiarity with local court procedures, clerks, judges and social workers' methods enables our lawyers to best represent clients who are in the system, struggling to get their children back. Our attorneys are not general practice attorneys. We are versed in Child Protective Services cases, handling allegations against parents and guardians. Our past cases have involved child abuse allegations due to fractured legs, shaken baby syndrome, death of a child, drug abuse, sexual molestation, failure to protect, verbal abuse and many other types of allegations.

Juvenile dependency cases are to be taken very seriously. The worst potential outcome is terminating parental rights. Our lawyers strategically gather information, listen to your concerns, review documents, obtain vital evidence, attend investigations and litigate aggressively on behalf of accused parents.

Tailored Representation And Comprehensive Advice Every Step Of The Way

We will fully analyze your unique circumstances, the allegations against you and provide you with honest advice on all of your legal options. We do not leave clients in the dark, but explain every aspect of the CPS court process. Our caring staff and experienced lawyers guide clients through each stage, providing advice and guidance in managing a CPS case plan.

If you are under investigation for abuse, or have been reported to the Department of Justice under the Child Abuse Central Index (CACI), you need a dedicated lawyer in your corner. We are here to answer your questions and fight to protect your good name and parental rights.

If a criminal arrest occurs, it is important you call our lawyers at the beginning stages. The outcome of the criminal matter can greatly affect the CPS case. We can discuss representing the accused parent on the criminal matter so as to effectively handle the cases without negatively affecting the CPS outcome.

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