CPS Case Plans

A case plan is developed by you and your social worker to identify what needs to be done to get your children back. Normally this is within a few weeks of your contact with CPS. They claim it is not an admission of guilt, nor is it a court document, however the court will order you to participate in specific services listed in the plan. If you have concerns, the case plan can be changed to address your concerns. Your Riverside family law attorney will be part of this as well.

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About Case Plans

Every six months the case plan will be updated. Usual and normal services ordered by the court can include parenting classes, drug or alcohol testing and treatment, counseling, visitations with your children and assistance with housing.

If you do not work forward towards the case plan by following it, the court may order the end to your services and require that a permanent plan be made for your child. This means adoption, legal guardianship, planned permanent living arrangement, depending on what is the best way to provide a stable residence for your child.

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Time Limits Involved in Case Plans

When facing time limits and Child Protective Services matters, understand there are time limits. Although you may be represented by court appointed counsel, you still have the right to private representation by an experienced attorney.

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Time limits in California are 6 months from the date the court takes jurisdiction or 60 days after your child is removed from your custody, whichever is earlier. Ask attorney Richard K. Isles to discuss this with you by calling us at (951) 643-3829 directly.