Family Law And Your Children

Any family law problem involving children can be unsettling for a parent. At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles in Riverside, our trial lawyers and legal team know how important your children are to you. While California courts evaluate the best interests of the child in resolving disputes concerning the kids, we understand that parents often have sharp disagreements about what will best serve the well-being of their children. The discord that comes with the breakdown of a marriage often creates tension. Our ultimate goal in every case is to obtain the best possible solution to meet the goals and needs of our clients.

Protecting Parental Rights Since 1989

Our dedicated assertion and defense of parental rights and experience in safeguarding the best interests of children extends across the spectrum of family law issues, including:

  • Child custody and visitation: Custody and parenting time disputes are often among the most contentious battles in family court. We strive to protect the well-being of children through strong negotiations and staunch advocacy.
  • Child support: The well-being of children is often founded on a fair and reasonable child support order. We are driven to ensure that our clients and their children receive the most favorable outcome in resolving support disputes. Deviations from the California child support guidelines may be necessary to protect you and your child, whether you expect to pay or receive payments on behalf of your child.
  • Fathers' rights: Despite advances in the law to provide equal protection, fathers' rights are not always a given in a court order. Our aggressive trial lawyers know how to build strong cases to protect parental rights.
  • Modifying an existing family court order: Life can drastically change following the resolution of a divorce or paternity proceeding. When unforeseen substantial changes make an alimony, child support or custody arrangement unmanageable, our attorneys aggressively help men and women obtain post-judgment modifications to reflect the new circumstances.
  • Military divorce: Specific procedural requirements are involved in the divorce of a service member. We can make sure your interests are protected.

When parents of minor children decide to divorce, child custody and support issues often take center stage. Our trial-proven lawyers do what is necessary to champion the rights of our clients in negotiations, mediation and litigation.

Learn More About Your Rights

If you have any concerns about your parental rights in family court, we invite you to arrange a free consultation regarding your legal options. Contact us online or call 951-643-3829.