730 Child Custody Evaluations

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If you are immersed in a child custody battle, the term "730 Evaluation" may arise. Perhaps you will hear a Riverside family law attorney argue the need for a 730 evaluation before the judge. Or, the court, on its own motion may order a 730 expert evaluation on your child custody case.

730 Evaluations essentially call for a qualified mental health expert to be appointed and to investigate, evaluate and recommend custody relating to your child custody case. You may wonder how this is performed. Typically, an expert 730 evaluator will perform written and verbal testing, interviewing the parents and children.

How a 730 Will Affect Your Case

The term originated from California Evidence Code §730 which states:

"When it appears to the court, at any time before or during the trial of an action, that expert evidence is or may be required by the court or by any party to the action, the court on its own motion or on motion of any party may appoint one or more experts to investigate, to render a report as may be ordered by the court, and to testify as an expert at the trial of the action relative to the fact or matter as to which the expert evidence is or may be required. The court may fix the compensation for these services, if any, rendered by any person appointed under this section, in addition to any service as a witness, at the amount as seems reasonable to the court. Nothing in this section shall be construed to permit a person to perform any act for which a license is required unless the person holds the appropriate license to lawfully perform that act."

The cost of a 730 Evaluation can be expensive, in the thousands, with either or both parties appointed to pay the fees. The court will indicate who is responsible to pay for the evaluation. Keep in mind the custody evaluation is frequently the recommended method in deciding how custody should be awarded in a child custody and visitation matter. Further, the courts often support the evaluator's recommendation. However, when a Rebuttal expert is called in a "733 Evaluation", the cost is typically absorbed by the party calling them.

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