Safeguarding Fathers' Rights In The Inland Empire

Fathers' rights in California refer to fathers who want to maintain a relationship with their children in a paternity or divorce matter. Typically, equitable child custody and shared parenting for fathers is the primary goal in a father's rights case. This is the absolute opposite of the "deadbeat dad" who ignores his children, and pays no child support after separation from the biological mother of his child.

At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles, our objective is to support the role of fathers wishing to maintain a healthy relationship with their children or gain custody of their child. Generally, fathers are seeking rights for the following reasons:

  • Emotional development of the child
  • Asserting equal rights as a father as the custodial parent
  • Successful management of child's behavior
  • Awareness of medical issues relating to child
  • Involvement in decision-making relating to child
  • Avoidance of parental alienation syndrome
  • Enabling a stable and structured family environment
  • Continuous fathering of child

In the Family Law Court system, a father has the right to be involved in his child's life when there is no abuse or orders to say otherwise. Today's breakthroughs relating to fathers' rights give more equality to fathers who have children, whereas decades ago mothers were typically the primary custodial parent when children were separated from parents in dissolution actions. Times have changed and men are home more often, involved in day in and day out activities including homework, medical appointments, school and sports.

Dynamic Fathers' Rights, Paternity And Divorce Lawyers

As lawyers, we have seen and argued countless family law cases in our local courts relating to fathers' shared custody of their children. Our experienced lawyers fight aggressively to protect parental rights. We stay apprised of the current trends relating to family law, paternity, child custody and fathers' rights cases.

Turn To More Than A Quarter-Century Of Experience For Favorable Results

It is common for California fathers to be granted custody in family law proceedings. Our lawyers have decades of experience in local courts in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego North counties. Our insight into the local tendencies of the court, our knowledge of the family court rules and codes and our drive to help fathers obtain extraordinary results allows our family law attorneys to litigate with favorable outcomes to protect fathers' rights.

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