Joint Custody

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If you are involved in custody litigation, it is important to know that the courts are attempting to look at what is in the child's best interests. In the past, sole physical custody was often awarded to the mothers. The struggle for equal time-sharing has become prominent in recent years with father's rights groups. At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles, our Riverside child custody lawyers represent both fathers and mothers in custody disputes.

Joint Custody and Equal Time-Sharing

Many people believe that joint custody is the same as equal time-sharing. This is incorrect. In some cases, joint custody may mean that one parent will have custody during the week and on alternate weekends. The other parent may have custody on alternate weekends and until midnight one night of the week. Clearly, this setup does equal the same amount of time.

Judges vary in their receptiveness to the concept of equal time-sharing. If both parents are capable of providing equal amounts of time to their children, then a custody award may reflect this. However, each parent must be honest in their assessments of their schedules and attempt to work out a reasonable custody solution.

One local judge once remarked in court, "I don't know your children, I don't love your children, and why would you want a man who wears a black dress making a custody decision for you?" With this being said, if both parents can recognize their work schedules and agree to a fair visitation schedule for their children, without believing that more visitation will reduce the amount of child support payments, then the parents and the children will both benefit.

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