Modifying An Existing Family Law Court Order

Life can change dramatically in the years following a divorce, legal separation or resolution of a paternity proceeding. The economy can fluctuate causing changes in job opportunities, new work schedules can make a custody and visitation order unmanageable and the needs of children can change.

It is often tempting for people to try to work out changes to a divorce agreement without involvement of the court. However, an existing family court order remains in full force and effect, despite alterations in circumstances down the road. It is often necessary to return to court to obtain a modification to reflect new circumstances.

Secure The Aid Of A Riverside Family Lawyer

Even when the outcome of your divorce is fair and equitable, you may need a family law attorney to help you when circumstances change later on. Our firm, the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles, provides dependable counsel on all types of post-divorce modifications. We encourage you to contact our divorce modification lawyers at our Riverside, California, law office to discuss your case.

Types Of Divorce Decree Modifications And Actions

You may require legal assistance with post-divorce enforcement of orders in your case, or need help pursuing a child support modification because of a significant change in income for either parent. Other major changes may have you considering a modification of child custody or visitation. Our lawyers have decades of experience solving family law problems for clients throughout the Inland Empire. Our full-service modifications and enforcement practice includes substantial experience in helping service members and the spouses of military personnel to safeguard their rights in family court.

Among the common situations that can justify modifications of orders are:

  • A job loss or job change that substantially impacts the income of either parent, leading to the need for a modification of child support
  • Either divorced parent's desire or decision to relocate, when that in-state or out-of-state relocation will have an impact on the children's lives
  • Major changes in circumstances at the custodial parent's home that negatively affect the children, including the presence of domestic violence

Helping You Pursue The Best Course Of Action

We provide reliable counsel on how courts may perceive your need for a modification and on the most efficient ways of proceeding in your case. Our experience extends to representation of many out-of-state clients and people who need to fight against an unjustified modification action.

Mediation can be a civil, effective way to reach agreement on either party's need for a post-divorce modification, and our founding attorney is a proven, trusted mediator. For contested custody cases and other situations that go to court, our lawyers provide aggressive and affordable representation aimed at efficiently obtaining optimal results.

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