Changing Child Visitation

Increasing Your Child Custody

Do you wish day in and day out that you had more visitation with your children? Perhaps they are growing up too quickly and you miss them often. This is such a common problem in today's society. Read on to get the 411 on increasing your child custody and child visitation.

Non-custodial parents are often left hanging with "reasonable rights of visitation". All too often the term reasonable turns "unreasonable" when the custodial parent makes the decisions on visitation-leaving you waiting, wondering and hoping to get that time with your children, which you thought was already agreed upon.

What is reasonable child visitation?

Reasonable child visitation can be established initially in hopes of flexibility for both parents in setting up times and places to promote visitation with your children. Within reason, the ex spouses can work out a schedule that seems appropriate for you and your children. This is supposed to lead to a happy congenial co-parenting situation. Well, perhaps not- one wrong turn and watch out!

Reasonable visitation can break down and ruin the others parents reasonable visitation rights for one of many reasons:

  • When one spouse gets a new live-in or remarries
  • When the non paying spouse wants more child support funds
  • When the child has told a parent they no longer want to see the other parent
  • When the child gets involved in outside activities (sports) causing a disruption
  • Travel issues to get child to non custodial parent
  • Using the child as a pawn to gain an advantage

Now that you are seeing this as your situation, we want you to know - we understand! This is what causes countless people to call our child custody law firm. Here is some insight on what has happened: Your problem lies in the joint custody award that does not provide specific rules governing visitation, leaving YOU incapable and at the mercy of your ex who has all the power over YOUR children.

Act Today to Regain Custody Rights

Can you think of any valid reason you aren't getting your kids? Probably not. You're frustrated your ex has prevented you from seeing the kids. If this is the case, you may have time to discuss your frustrations and attempt every effort to coerce the ex to give you some time with your children. When this fails or she doesn't show up with the children, what to do?

Your spouse may be playing games with your visitation. Your spouse may have no legal right to preclude you from visitation with your children. Ready to take the next step? Consult with our child custody and child visitation office where we don't fool around as amateurs. We know the family law in this area. We are equipped with the local laws and procedures as well as the general attitude of local judges when it comes to custody awards. This enables the power of a local child custody attorney to outline to a judge the lost or limited in which you are prevented from being with your children.

Contact our office to discuss schedule a consultation. You'll be glad you did!