Move-Away Orders

Move Away Orders in California

Our Law firm has handled countless Move-away cases. They have increased over the past several years as people want to leave California and take their children with the, sometimes into more affordable states, or to be near friends, relatives or with new spouses. Whatever the reason for leaving, a qualified family law attorney in Riverside can motion the court to consider in deciding a move away case.

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Criteria for Move Away Cases

Normally the criteria are as follows:

  1. The child's interest in stability and continuity in the custodial arrangement;
  2. The distance of the proposed move;
  3. The age of the child;
  4. The child's relationship with both parents;
  5. The relationship between the parents; how well they cooperate in the interests of the children;
  6. The wishes of the child, if the child is mature enough for such an inquiry to be appropriate;
  7. The reasons for the proposed move;
  8. The extent to which the parents are currently sharing custody;
  9. Family and community support systems in both locations;
  10. The proposed parenting schedules and living situations

Typically the court will listen to testimony regarding the above listed criteria, and then decide what parenting arrangement is in the child's best interests. Sometimes the need for a child custody evaluation is needed. This helps the court in reviewing expert testimony from a child psychologist addressing the factors listed above.

It is very important that your attorney have the knowhow in a move-away trial. Otherwise, your trial can become costly while you are paying an inexperienced lawyer to attempt to research the law. While instead, you can trust the knowledge of more than 26 years attorney with proven experience in move-away cases in the local courts. We offer a free initial consultation and your concerns will be addressed in person or telephonically, whichever you choose. Call us today at (951) 643-3829.

What is a Move-away Order and how can I get one?

If your job is requiring you to relocate or your new spouse is being transferred or deployed out of the country, you may be looking towards a move-away case. Often, one parent in a divorce is looking to move closer to their family or parents, out of state.

If one parent wants or needs to move out of the area with the children, the moving parent generally must obtain permission from the court before the children are free to move. This can be a very complicated process, often a trial matter in Family Law. While the courts are looking for what is in the best interest of the minor children, and access to both parents, it requires the proper legal strategy.

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If you are looking towards obtaining a move-away order, the best advice is to seek legal counsel immediately and discuss your options. At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles, strategic planning in each family law matter is vital.

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