Out-Of-State Relocation

Riverside Family Law Attorney Handling Parental Relocation Cases

A divorced parent's desire to move out of California - or any distance that impacts existing family law orders - can be a complex legal issue. Having physical custody alone does not entitle a parent to relocate children against the wishes of the other parent. For dependable counsel and representation in your parental relocation case, contact our Riverside divorce attorney!

We See Your Perspective & Provide Sound Legal Counsel

As in child custody and visitation matters, our courts prioritize the best interests of children in move-away situations. The burden of proof for any move or post-divorce modification of orders is on the parent seeking the change.

Attorney Richard K. Isles can advise you on all aspects of your case, whether you are the parent wishing to relocate or a non-custodial parent with valid reasons to contest the move.

We have helped numerous mothers and fathers involved in out-of-state relocation cases - and we provide efficient legal action for those who have moved from our area but have orders in place here. You can turn to the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles in matters involving a child support modification, for example, wherever you reside today.

Working for Solutions Through Negotiation or Litigation

In some cases, relocation matters can be resolved through negotiation. In others, gaining a court order to allow a move or protecting against one requires litigation. Lawyer Richard K. Isles is a respected veteran of our area courts, prepared to take emergency action on your behalf when necessary and build a strong case in defense of your parental rights.

Supporting You with Compassion, Honesty & Strong Action

When a move is contested in court, a thorough investigation may involve psychologists, school personnel and others with insight into the impact on the children involved. Our mission is to make certain you are the best prepared party, with a sound, well-researched case supporting your position.

Our legal team will help you preserve your relationships with your children. We also take pride in offering honest, realistic legal advice that helps our clients make good life decisions. To arrange a free consultation on your out-of-state relocation issue or other family law challenges, please contact our family law attorney in Riverside today.