Court Ordered Mediation

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Why do I have to attend Court Ordered Mediation in Riverside County?

When it comes to child custody and visitation Mediation provides a neutral environment where parents can attempt to develop an agreement about custody, as well as a parenting plan which should be in the best interest of their child/children. This applies to both divorcing couples with children as well as paternity cases.

What will occur at Mediation?

Both parents meet with the Mediator to discuss the needs of their children. Mediation deals with the present situation. The main focus is to arrive at a custody solution which is in the best interest of the children. It is always best to focus on issues which are positive, not negative. Avoidance of blame is the best approach by parents. Blame will not allow the focus to become positive but in turn may look negatively at the blaming parent. Mediation is meant to consider the needs of the children first and the needs of the parents as well.

What is the purpose of attending Mediation?

The goals of mediation are to encourage parents to listen to each others' concerns with an open mind. Further it can help reduce conflict by setting aside fault and blame. It helps foster cooperation between parents, and lastly assists parents in developing their own parenting plan that meets the needs of their children.

Can I bring someone with me to Mediation?

Only the parents are allowed in the Mediators room. Spouses, significant others, attorneys and relatives are not permitted. A mediator may further ask you to attend again with the children present.

How much does it cost?

The court does not charge an extra amount for mediation aside from the initial dissolution of marriage or paternity action filing fees which are paid at the onset.

How long does it take so I can inform my employer?

Mediation normally lasts anywhere from one to 2 and ½ hours.

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