Documents To Bring To The Initial Consultation

Counsel from a Riverside Divorce Lawyer

When scheduling your first legal consultation at the Law offices of Richard K. Isles, it is always best to bring documents bearing information relative to your unique case. This should include divorce papers (if served on you) and financial information. The more information you can present to our attorney, the more informed he will be. It is not mandatory that you bring financial information, however, it can be helpful for the divorce process.

With this being said, we suggest you obtain the following documentation for your consultation:

  1. Divorce Petition and accompanied documents from opposing side
  2. Paystubs for both parties
  3. Bank statements
  4. Recent tax returns
  5. Loan documents
  6. Titles to property
  7. Asset documents
  8. Children's report cards
  9. Social Media reference documents (Facebook, emails, text messages, photos, videos)
  10. Prior court documents if case is open and ongoing
  11. Reports from social workers (if related to case)
  12. Police Reports if pertinent

The above list should help guide you on what will be helpful while consulting with our Riverside divorce attorneys. However, there is nothing that you "must" bring with you to your first meeting.

It is our goal to provide you the highest level of skill and knowledge, so the more information you provide, the better. In fact, our law firm gathers information relative to your case during the legal process and we gather all of the relevant net worth, income, and expense information during the pendency of any case.

Our trained appointment schedulers will be happy to discuss appointment options and give further detail of what to expect for your first meeting.