Let A Military Veteran Analyze Your Military Benefits

When a marriage falls apart, finances can cause tremendous stress for each of the parties. Dividing assets are primarily governed under state law and family court rules. However, in a military divorce, determining how benefits can be divided can be complicated. Federal law comes into play in determining eligibility for a large variety of military benefits. It is vital that your lawyer has a full understanding of all aspects of military benefits and how California's community property standards apply in a military setting.

The Importance Of Getting Experienced Advice

At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles in Riverside, we have substantial experience in effectively addressing all aspects of military benefits in negotiating and litigating property division arrangements in divorce. There are many myths about eligibility requirements and what benefits may be deemed community property that is subject to division.

It is important to note that a full analysis of each individual situation is necessary when it comes to dividing military benefits. Moreover, a property settlement generally should not be considered in a vacuum as other aspects of the divorce may have an impact on your finances. For instance, child custody and visitation arrangements can have an impact on a service members' Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

Our attorneys are meticulous in addressing the details, without ever losing sight of the overall picture. We work with service members who do not plan to re-enlist, and career military personnel and spouses of service members to ensure that no stone is left unturned in addressing military benefits and protecting rights, including eligibility, divisibility and financial impact of addressing benefit plans including:

  • Military pension benefits or retirement pay
  • Uniformed Services Survivor Benefit Plans (SBPs)
  • Commissary benefits
  • Health care benefits for military spouses, including both Tricare and Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP) issues
  • Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)

A Former Sailor Who Understands Military Sacrifice

Founding attorney Richard K. Isles served in the Navy and understands the sacrifices and challenges service members and their families face. To learn more about how our dynamic and aggressive trial lawyers can help you to protect your financial future in your divorce, send us a message online now or call 951-643-3829. If you are stationed overseas, we have the technology to connect with you anywhere in the world. The initial consultation is free.