Family Law And Your Finances

Disputes over money and property can arise in any divorce, no matter how long the couple has been married and regardless of asset and income levels. A legal separation or divorce involves dividing property and debts between the spouses. During such an emotional time as going through divorce, it is important to make reasoned choices about your financial future. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles in Riverside are committed to safeguarding the financial interests of our clients.

We provide dynamic and aggressive advocacy aimed at achieving results across the spectrum of financial and property concerns that people face in family court, including:

  • Dividing community property: Many couples, especially those in marriages that have lasted 10 years or less, have difficulty in determining how to divide the assets and debts from the marriage. California is a community property state, but that does not necessarily mean that assets can be divided easily. We will work with you to understand your personal goals and prepare a strategic plan to protect your interests. Similarly, many people choose to live together without ever getting married. When unmarried couples have amassed assets, we provide seasoned guidance and representation to help our unmarried clients reach property settlements.
  • Specific considerations concerning the family home: If you and your spouse own a home, even if only one spouse is named on the title, the family home is likely community property under California law. While our lawyers have reputations for thoroughly preparing for trial, our ultimate goal is to obtain the best results with efficiency. Sometimes selling the home and splitting the proceeds is the better financial choice. In other situations, your attachment to the home and the interests of your children may indicate that keeping the family residence is the best plan. We will explain your rights, as well as all of your options, and fight to obtain optimal results.
  • Addressing the complexities in high net worth households: High net worth divorce cases can be complex as tracing assets, determining the value of business and professional interests and finding all of the relevant assets can require the need for forensic accountants and professional appraisers. We have the resources and financial acumen to achieve effective results in complex property division disputes.
  • Protecting rights in child support and alimony disputes: There are many myths and misconceptions about child support obligations, as well as if, and how, spousal support should be determined. Our substantial experience in local Inland Empire courts provides us with deep knowledge of the nuances involved in solving problems related to support.

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