Lower Your Spousal Support

If you are the paying spouse in a divorce, do not assume there is no relief. Read on to hear important information most law firms do not publish. It is a very simple and basic Rule which our matrimonial attorneys use repeatedly when representing the paying spouse/ bread winner in a divorce.

When the elements fit, the simple two stage method to showing that your spouse is capable and able to work is basic. We will tell you there are only two steps needed to attribute the ability of the non-paying (receiving) spouse to earn income. The unemployed spouse may clearly be established as able to earn an income. This method saves clients significant

Our law firm continuously uses basic rules that can often overcome high spousal support awards in court. Many other attorneys plug the numbers into their software and immediately conclude you are the paying spouse. If this has happened to you, you should reconsider call a strategic divorce lawyer who knows the rights and laws used every day in fighting spousal support.

The first step is a very basic rule! It is not new, in fact it was established in 1989. It is known as the Regnery Rule. The elements are basic and any knowledgable skilled attorney can argue the elements in this rule. Our skilled matrimonial attorneys know the Basic Rule and the three elements to impute support on the receiving spouse. It starts with the ability of your spouse to work. Simply the age, health, experience and qualifications are the basic first element. Most often, they pass the test but simply do not want to work. Perhaps they have been staying at home, cooking, cleaning, shopping, driving the kids to activities and sports, or helping at the kids school. This clearly indicates the ability to work. The second element is the opportunity to work. First off, jobs are starting to reappear in the market and it's not 2008 anymore. The economy is changing and many people have entered back into the work force. If there is work, then earnings can be imputed at a specific level as long as there is opportunity. When you have made the decision to divorce, but fear the support consequences, call the skilled lawyers at Richard K. Isles law firm.