The Divorce Process

Counsel from a Riverside Divorce Lawyer

We can help you to understand the basic divorce process. Keep in mind that each divorce is unique in its own way. For instance, your friends' divorce may have been simple with no children, no property and no debts to divide. You may have children, retirement funds and property to divide, thus the need for experienced California legal representation is required. At the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles, we carry 26 years of California Family Law experience in the Riverside and San Bernardino courts. Our paralegals are not just self-trained, but they are Certified Paralegals from a Certified Paralegal schools, as well as ongoing Law School Education.

How do I file for a Divorce?

As soon as you have decided to pursue a divorce, you should hire a divorce lawyer. This will begin the process where you can obtain temporary custody and visitation arrangements; a restraining order so your spouse won't contact you; child support and spousal support if any of these issues apply to your divorce.

What is a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage?

Initially the attorney will file a Petition to the court for a dissolution of marriage. A summons is then served upon the other party which states they want a divorce and what they are seeking in terms of property, child custody, and support. The party being served must answer the Summons, and if they wish, they will respond. California does not require fault as a prerequisite. In other words, you are not required to justify filing for a divorce by accusing your spouse of wrongdoing.

What is the Discovery Process?

Once you have retained a qualified Riverside divorce lawyer, you will need to begin gathering vital information for your divorce attorney. Information such as names and ages of children, date of marriage, date of separation, and social security numbers are necessary in the divorce process. Financial information such as paycheck information, income tax returns from the past several years, recent pay slips and loan documents as well as credit card information will be essential. This information will be used in the discovery process. You will need to provide the attorney with as much financial information as you can. From the value of personal items, to stocks and pensions. Everything matters.

Must I go to Court?

If you and your spouse have not resolved the issues in your divorce, then your case is considered contested. Family Law Attorney Richard K. Isles has a proven reputation in the local Family Law courts as an aggressive yet respected litigator. If you decide to negotiate the issues at hand, then attorney Isles can assist. We see more and more couples who divorce preferring to utilize Mr. Isles' negotiation skills in a direct approach to settling their divorce outside of court litigation. If you find this to be the direction you are looking to pursue, call our law office at (951) 643-3829.

How long does a California Divorce take?

In California Family Law there is a waiting period between the divorce petition and the final decree. It is six months. Even if your process is very quick, the waiting period must elapse prior to the judge granting a divorce.

What is a Divorce Judgment?

After all the issues have been decided either in court or outside of court between you or your spouse, a judgment is prepared by one of our Senior Family Law Paralegals. The signed documents are delivered for filing with the court clerk and submitted to the Judge for signature and stamps. A Divorce Decree is the document which shows you are legally divorced - some call them freedom papers, and of course, you are allowed to remarry if you choose.

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