Ex Parte Protective Orders

Riverside Domestic Violence Lawyer

When there are adverse circumstances surrounding a dissolution of marriage that require immediate protective orders, such as abuse or domestic violence, Ex Parte Protective Orders may be necessary. The Law Offices of Richard K. Isles has the experience from over 26 years of practicing law to handle the legal aspects of domestic violence issues.

There are times when the abuse becomes unbearable and outbursts occur, with the local authorities being called to break up the dispute. When this is the scenario, it becomes evident emergency protective orders are needed. Realistically, people do not want to live in fear of their lives, nor in fear that their children might be injured. Verbal abuse can be as strong as physical abuse. In today's society, we see abuse in all forms.

Protective Orders are frequently issued for the following acts:

  • Specific Acts of Abuse
  • Ordering a person to be excluded from a dwelling
  • Contacting, molesting and striking
  • Enjoining other specified behaviors necessary to effectuate the first two orders

Normally there is no cost to file for a domestic violence emergency protective order. Once the order is granted, when applicable, the order is effective when made. The law enforcement agency shall enforce it immediately upon receipt. It is normally enforceable anywhere in California by any law enforcement agency that has received the order or is shown a copy of the stamped order.

Pursuant to Family Code section 6224, " If Proof of Service has not been received, the law enforcement agency shall advise the restrained person of the terms of the order and then shall enforce it."

When facing an Ex Parte Protective Orders in your divorce case, call the Law Offices of Richard K. Isles to discuss your Divorce, and Domestic Violence rights. Our law firm offers 26 years in the local courts.

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