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Not all family law problems involve the dissolution of marriage. Life's twists and turns can impact families in different ways. Often, the well-being and security of a child may require action to give a stepparent, grandparent or other person the legal authority to make decisions and raise the child in a secure household. The Law Offices of Richard K. Isles in Riverside is a well-respected resource, dedicated to providing results-oriented representation throughout the Inland Empire.

Protecting Your Custody Rights

When children are involved, the best interests of the children are always paramount. However, disputes can arise over what may best protect children and the custody rights of adults. For more than 25 years, we have stood as strong advocates in local courtrooms throughout Southern California to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Our lawyers have represented numerous clients and provide dynamic and advocacy for clients in California adoption and guardianship cases. We are well prepared to guide you through these processes:

California Adoptions

An adoption creates a new legal parent child relationship and terminates the parental rights of the biological parent. An adoption is permanent and essentially takes away the biological parents' rights to the child. When the adoption process is being finalized in the courts, you should feel happy and relieved that your attorney provided respected representation which brought the adoption to a positive conclusion. We guide clients every step of the way with a focus on obtaining the best result efficiently and affordably.

Understanding California Guardianships

A guardianship is a court order wherein the court appoints a person to act as legal guardian of a child when the child's parents can no longer adequately care for the minor. Every minor must have an adult who is responsible for the child. The need for a guardianship often occurs when a parent has failed to care for the minor child due to substance or alcohol abuse, or possibly caused a reasonable fear of child abuse, abandoned the minor or passed away.

When one wants to distinguish the difference between a guardianship versus an adoption, the most important fact is that an adoption is permanent, whereas a guardianship is considered temporary and typically ends when the minor becomes an adult.

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