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California law aims to keep parents and children together. If one parent becomes unfit due to drug or alcohol abuse or criminal activity, and can no longer adequately care for the minor, the court may appoint a person to act as legal guardian of a child.

Every child or minor must have an adult who is responsible for the child. There may be a need for a guardian if the minor has a reasonable fear of child abuse, the parent has abandoned the child, or the parent has become terminally ill and died. Guardianships are considered temporary and typically end when the minor becomes an adult. When it comes to guardianships, attorney Richard K. Isles has the experience and know-how to provide representation. His caring staff is just a phone call away and will guide you through the process.

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How Guardianships Are Created

If a relative suspects that a child may be subject to abuse or neglect, he or she has the right to contact Child Protective Services or CPS to investigate. If the agency determines that it would be in the best interest of the child to be removed, the child can be placed in the home of a responsible relative, usually a grandparent, and that parent would become the child's guardian. Otherwise, the child will be placed in foster care.

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