Step-Parent Adoption

Riverside Adoption Lawyer

Stepparent Adoption Attorney Richard K. Isles provides legal counsel and representation to assist biological parents and would-be adoptive parents with all matters involved in stepparent adoption, including paternity actions and the termination of parental relationships. We also assist grandparents seeking to obtain permanent legal custody of their grandchildren through grandparent adoption.

In extreme cases the court may sever parental rights and place the minor(s) up for adoption. Guardianships or DeFacto Parent Status may also be determined to be appropriate. Grandparents may be determined that they should have guardianship over the minor or DeFacto parent status (A permanent plan to place the minor(s) with the grandparent(s)).

Understanding Grandparent Rights

Under the California Family Law Act, if you are a grandparent you have rights. Often we refer to this as "grandparents rights". It will be necessary to establish a loving and bonding relationship between the grandparents and grandchildren to establish these rights, with a history of a loving caring and bonding relationship between the grandparents and children. If this is the case, the courts may find it in the best interest of the children to allow the grandparent(s) to be joined in a contested family law custody and visitation case, and award "grandparents rights" by establishing a custody and visitation schedule between the grandchildren and grandparents. Call us at the moment you learn of such CPS involvement. Don't leave your case in the hands of court appointed attorneys.

You Have Rights as a Step Parent

In California we see many step parents playing a vital role in their step-child's lives. In this case, the step-parent may want to proceed with an adoption. To proceed with stepparent adoption, the non-custodial birth parent must consent to the adoption and agree to have his or her parental rights terminated by the family court. If the non-custodial birth parent is unwilling to consent to the adoption, or is absent or deceased, legal action must be taken to terminate his or her parental rights.

Another important part of the process is the stepparent adoption assessment, which in California is performed by the Department of Child and Family Services. This involves an in-home assessment with scheduled interviews involving both the custodial parent and his or her spouse. Our caring staff will walk you through the process each step of the way and work towards bringing this wonderful event to a positive conclusion on the final day of adoption in the court.

Riverside Family Law Attorney Richard K. Isles provides aggressive representation in adoption, guardianship and Child Protective Services cases. He is respected in the court and his vast experience is vital in complex family law. Call for a free initial consultation at (951) 643-3829.