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Court rules father to serve time for taping child custody hearing

There are few things that can cause more bitterness and fighting than when parents are unable to resolve with whom their child should reside in the event of a divorce. The ensuing child custody battle can lead to a parent making questionable decisions during the process. The majority of court hearings in California prohibit recording by the involved parties, as it can violate wire tapping laws and privacy expectations.

Recently, a state superior court upheld a ruling that a father be sentenced to a jail term of between 47 and 100 weeks after he was found guilty of violating courthouse rules against the recording of closed hearings. According to state prosecutors, the courthouse where the illegal taping occurred has signage that expressly forbids the recording of hearings. However, during a child custody conference between the 43-year-old man and his former spouse, the man purportedly concealed his cellular phone after starting the recording application.

Officials at university donate to domestic violence programs

In many ways, a university located in a city or town is more than an institution for learning. It often plays a broader role of helping to educate the greater community about important social issues such as the problems posed by domestic violence. There are many such universities throughout California that help support community outreach programs within their geographic locations.

In Dec. 2016, a woman approached a staff member of a college football team to report abuse by one of the team's coaching staff. That individual purportedly relayed the allegations of domestic abuse to the head coach who then spoke to the athletic director. Unfortunately, the officials did not take any actions and permitted the coach to continue to call defensive plays for the upcoming game. Coach Tumpkin was then suspended. The woman reported her allegations to police who then arrested him after an investigation.

For many in a troubled marriage, New Year's goals include divorce

According to statistics, the beginning of a new year and the end of summer are the peak times for couples to take steps to end a contentious marriage. There may be many factors leading up to the decision to seek a divorce, but difficult holiday celebrations and vacations that ended poorly may be the final impetus many couples need to end an unsustainable relationship. There are likely countless California spouses who are contemplating taking this step themselves who may benefit from several suggestions to make the ordeal less taxing.

One of the first measures one can take to prepare for a more efficient dissolution is to gather all pertinent financial information. Having access to all relevant tax, income and savings information can help facilitate a divorce settlement. In addition, gathering current debts and credit reports may enable a court or other professionals to resolve issues relating to child support or alimony in an equitable manner. While the advent of social media platforms has enabled more people to share their private lives more openly, it may be best to refrain from discussing an ongoing divorce on these sites until the matter is settled.

Seeking the right professional for your military divorce needs

The end of a marriage is never an easy transition. When either one or both of the spouses involved are service personnel, then there are often special circumstances that can complicate the process -- including how to handle child custody. California residents may be best served by seeking the guidance of a professional who has extensive knowledge in the laws pertaining to a military divorce.

While no dissolution is an easy undertaking, those that involve the special circumstances surrounding military life can seem especially complex. Issues relating to child custody usually fall under state jurisdiction, but when active duty personnel are facing deployment, then the service member is required to file a family plan with his or her commanding officer. Because these deployments can be a fluid situation, it is helpful to have an experienced attorney draft an agreeable plan for minor children when the parents are seeking or are already divorced.

Will my military service create a child custody issue?

You work hard as a member of our country's Armed Forces. You have given up time with the ones you love to protect the freedoms of everyone else. Unfortunately, your military service put such a strain on your marriage that now your spouse is seeking a divorce and is requesting sole custody of your children. What can you do if you would prefer more of a shared custody arrangement?

Many military service members in California and elsewhere have marriages end in divorce. The level of stress put on these couples is difficult for most civilians to understand. The thought of being denied access to your children because of your service is likely more than you can bear. Guess what? Your ex cannot deny you access to your children just because of your job.

Court hearing family law case concerning consent to have children

In what could be a precedent-setting case, the top court in one state is considering whether to grant a woman's request to have her parental rights terminated. What makes this particular family law case unique is it concerns whether a spouse in a same-sex marriage consented to have a child through a sperm donor. The case is being followed closely by same-sex advocacy groups in California and across the country. 

The former couple married in 2013, and the divorce was initiated in 2015. They purportedly discussed having a child through artificial insemination, though the petitioner disputes those claims and says that she was not involved in the process and that her then-wife conceived the baby during her deployment. She claims she has not bonded with the child, who was born after she commenced divorce proceedings.

There are both challenges and benefits of later in life divorce

Over the past 20 years, the numbers of couples who are splitting up after decades of marriage has risen. While each older couple have their own reasons for seeking a divorce after years of marriage, there are both challenges and benefits when getting a so-called "gray divorce." There are likely many California residents who may be contemplating this step who have questions about both the process and the aftermath.

Recently, several people who had divorced later in life shared some of the wisdom they had garnered after going through the process. One of the first things that was shared was how adult children reacted to the reality of their parents splitting up. Many couples believe that it is better to wait until the kids are grown; however, younger children in the home may actually adapt faster than those on the outside. Another unanticipated result was how difficult it was for a woman to re-enter the job market after spending years as a homemaker. This can be countered by researching the market ahead of time while also determining whether more education could be beneficial.

Program helps domestic violence victims start new life; business

According to a victim advocate, the main reason many victims stay in an abusive relationship is because they lack financial security. One woman recently started up a program that helps domestic violence victims learn to become entrepreneurs and make a new life for themselves and their children. The program is currently available in three California communities with plans to broaden its reach in the future.

The founder of the business program first launched a non-profit that was geared toward providing victims of abuse an opportunity to protect themselves from court decisions that posed a danger to them. That program has declared a success rate of approximately 71 percent in overturning courts that allowed abusers to walk free. In addition, it also helped victims to secure monetary awards for the damages they sustained as a result of their abuse. However, the founder of that program wanted to find additional ways to empower these victims and provide them with new opportunities.

Bitter divorce and custody fight may have led to murder plot

There are never any guarantees in life, especially when it involves personal relationships such as marriage. While few hope that a particular marriage will end in a divorce, the reality is that a significant percentage of relationships do. Unfortunately, one recent California divorce and ensuing custody dispute took a dangerous turn.

According to the reports, a husband and wife came to the realization that their marriage was no longer viable and filed for a divorce. As part of the process, they then had to resolve the issue of custody between them in the manner that would best serve their infant child. The contentious dispute reportedly dragged on for about a year. Purportedly, the parents were ultimately awarded equal parenting time with the child. In addition, the former wife was reportedly ordered to pay her ex-husband an estimated $120,000 -- though it is unclear if this was a spousal support payment or part of the division of marital assets.

What does child support paid through wage assignments mean?

As part of your divorce, the court may have ordered you to make child support payments to your ex. Your order indicates that wage assignments will pay for child support. What does that mean and why does the state of California require this?

When ordered to pay child support, you would think just writing a check and sending it to your ex would suffice. Unfortunately, it does not work that way for most people. In order to ensure that children are receiving the financial support they need, the state asks employers to step in and deduct child support from paychecks of employees who have standing support orders in place.

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