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Child custody dispute turns violent

The end of a relationship between parents is seldom without its difficulties and disagreements. However, in spite of hard feelings at times, the majority of parents are capable of resolving child custody disputes without either party resorting to threats or violence. When California parents find themselves at odds when trying to arrange suitable custody plans, they may wish to consult with experienced family law professionals.

Recently, police responded to a call of a violent encounter between two individuals. According to the report, a custody dispute turned violent when a verbal argument between a 32-year-old woman and a 48-year-old man escalated out of control. The male stated that the woman became outraged and began threatening him and then stabbed him three times in the upper torso region.

How to handle child custody when a parent wants to relocate

When two parents decide to put an end to the fighting and dissolve their marriage, it may be the easiest decision in the process. Once a divorce has been initiated, the biggest issue may be child custody and where they kids will reside. California has laws regarding these matters, but parents may still need help to arrive at the best solutions. 

When one parent has been granted sole custody and wishes to move out of state, the noncustodial parent would have to show proof that such a move would be detrimental to any child involved. If there is no proof that a child would be harmed, then the custodial parent would likely be given permission to make the change. However, if the parenting wanting to move does not have sole custody, or if the other parent can show just cause to block a relocation, then a family court judge would have to make a determination regarding the matter.

Life lessons that a divorce that teach

Many people imagine what it will be like to meet and marry the partner of their dreams. However, few people likely consider what his or her life may look like after a divorce changes that vision. As many California families have likely discovered, a divorce does not mean that life cannot be enriched after a marriage dissolves.

While life does change after the divorce decree has been entered, it does not mean that it changes for the worst. Indeed, in many aspects, family members can grow and experience new ways to enjoy life. One parent recently shared how her life has improved several years after she and her former husband parted ways. One way that she has learned to appreciate the changes is learning to enjoy the time that her children spend with their father -- giving her opportunities for child-free moments. She has also learned that her children will not be traumatized by the change in their family composition.

There are many differences when seeking a military divorce

There are few things in life that require as much energy and time as marriage and family. If one of the spouses happens to be a service member, that added pressure could result in the couple eventually seeking a military divorce. With so many military installations located in California, there are likely many families that are considering this option. 

There are three main considerations that military spouses tend to focus on when a marriage is being dissolved. Those three include how to care for any children, the service member's pay and the pension. In many cases, when children are involved, the non-military spouse is more likely to be granted custody due to the possibility of a service member's deployment. Because the non-military spouse will have the children most often, they worry more about child and spousal support -- especially if he or she sacrificed a career to be the primary caretaker.

Child custody fight leads to injury and assault charges for 5

Parents who are no longer together can often work out a parenting plan without excessive contempt. However, there are situations when a child custody dispute can reach an impasse that seems impossible to resolve. There are likely thousands of California families who have found themselves in need of assistance in order to move forward for the sake of their children.

Recently, one such disagreement ended in a violent incident, and five people were later arrested and charged with assault. According to the report, a 20-year-old man was arguing with the mother of his 1-year-old child. He was purportedly attempting to assert his rights to spend the day with the young child. As he was holding the child, the dispute became more heated and escalated to the point that the 23-year-old mother allegedly pulled out a sharp implement and sliced the man across his back.

Project works to inform others of effects of domestic violence

One of the safest refuges from the stress of daily life is supposed to be the comfort provided by the intimate relationship with a loved one. Unfortunately, as some California families have discovered, this relationship can be the source of danger if a partner resorts to domestic violence. There are organizations and professionals who are working to make a difference for victims.

The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) has received funding from various sources in an effort to establish the Domestic Violence Evidence Project. The goal of this project is to establish an online resource center for those who work directly with the victims of this serious social issue. The developers hope to gather as much information in one place as possible to assist those who need more information concerning how to gather evidence that violence has taken place as well as become a clearing house for resources related to helping victims recover.

Plan carefully when entering into a divorce settlement agreement

Not every couple who decides that a marriage is no longer sustainable will default to antagonistic behaviors. In fact, some couples are able to enter into a divorce settlement agreement amicably. However, every state has its own laws, and California couples may choose to exercise caution when considering these types of contracts.

There are several key points to keep in mind when these agreements are being drafted. First and foremost is whether the state permits these agreements and to what extent they can be employed. Some matters are reserved for the courts to determine, depending on the circumstances and whether the rights of both parties are protected. Additionally, there may be matters that can not be addressed in a private document and will need to be formalized in a court.

Many divorce filings are rooted in several common issues

The majority of couples enter into marriage believing that it will be a lifelong union. Unfortunately, life seldom turns out the way one imagines, and some say an estimated half of marriages will end in divorce. Many California families may find this hard to accept in the beginning, but a dissolution can be an opportunity to refocus one's plans and dreams.

In general, those who deal with divorce on a regular basis list several common themes that often cause the demise of a relationship. When one spouse feels as if the other is disinterested in child care responsibilities or there is a perceived lack of open communication, a divorce may be in the offing. Two other concerns involve lack of intimacy in the relationship or one spouse renewing a relationship with a past romantic interest.

Finding a Great Custody Attorney

Nobody wants to shop for an attorney. It is by far one of the most important tasks you may face when it comes to your children and their future with you.  Unfortunately, the cost of the lawyer usually goes hand in hand with their experience level and demand.

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