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NFL player, LeSean Mccoy, denies allegations of domestic violence

Professional athletes face enormous pressures both on and off the playing field. As a result, some of them find themselves facing allegations of committing various crimes, including accusations relating to domestic violence. Many California football fans are aware of LeSean McCoy's talents as a star Bills running back. It was recently reported that he is facing allegations of hurting a woman.

Recently, a posting to a social media site prompted inquiries from the National Football League and ESPN into allegations that McCoy was somehow involved in a domestic violence incident. According to police, there was a home-invasion style attack that sent one unidentified victim for treatment of undisclosed injuries and caused another to suffer a minor injury. While officials have not named a suspect, they indicated that the incident was not random, and that the individual involved made certain demands of an individual in the residence.

Couples in midst of divorce should consider cyber security needs

In today's society, the demand for easy access to the myriad of online accounts and social media has lead to multiple avenues to link accounts. Unfortunately, what was meant to enable easy access can become detrimental when a couple is headed for a divorce. Though there are many California laws that attempt to address cyber security in general, this important issue is often overlooked by divorcing couples.

Many family law and internet security professionals are urging those who are considering a divorce to take steps to protect their online accounts. Because so many households share certain cyber storage options -- such as cloud technology -- multiple devices in the home are often linked to one another. While this enables ease of access regardless of the device one is using, it can become a way to breach the privacy of a soon-to-be-former partner.

Case illustrates difficulty of settling some child custody cases

When parents dissolve their relationships, one of the hardest decisions is deciding with whom their children should reside. Though California has laws that help guide courts in making these child custody rulings, every family is unique and requires an individual solution. Residents who are struggling to resolve these disputes can seek input from neutral third parties for assistance.

One recent case illustrates the problems that can occur when a court seeks to choose which arrangements will work. In this circumstance, the parents divorced when the child was approximately four years old. The court ruled that the mother, who had since moved out of state with the child, would have sole physical custody, and the father was granted visitation via Skype calls and periodic visits. Unfortunately, the mother denied contact between father and son.

The face of domestic violence reflects changing society

When one hears about abuse in terms of relationships, it is likely that an image of a battered wife comes to mind. However, current research points to changing trends when it comes to domestic violence. Due to the shift in society away from traditional marriages, California residents may not be aware that the perpetrators of such abuse is more likely to be an unmarried partner.

Recently, researchers in one state sought information concerning the statistics related to domestic violence from a metropolitan police agency. According to those statistics, it appears that an estimated 18 percent of the numbers of reports related to domestic abuse involved married partners. The vast majority of victims were comprised of both former girlfriends and boyfriends. Both sexes are at risk from being abused by either a current or former intimate partner.

Coping with marital stress in the military

Many California households include one or two parents currently serving in the U.S. military. If your household is one of them, then no one has to tell you how challenging it can be to balance career issues with family life, especially those affecting your marriage. While studies show military personnel may not be generally more prone to divorce as once thought, there are definitely risk factors that make marital break-up a likelier outcome for members of the nation's armed forces.  

Your unit superiors hopefully discuss such matters with you and provide helpful resources that you can tap into if problems arise. If you determine your marriage is no longer viable and choose to seek divorce, you'll want to first seek clarification of your rights as well as any implications your military service may have on your situation.  

Therapists claim divorce does not mean one failed in a marriage

The pervasive school of thought concerning marriage is that if it ends in a dissolution, then one or both spouses may have failed to put in enough effort to make it work. However, many therapists are debunking that thought by suggesting that a divorce may indicate that the parties were successful. California residents may benefit from examining the reasons behind this current belief.

Spouses who enter into a marriage likely assume that they are entering into a life-long commitment. Instead, many therapists are suggesting that a relationship is intended to help the parties to grow and change as individuals. Many people may resist changing, but professional counselors believe that the realization that one has changed and that a relationship is no longer fulfilling is similar to changing careers or employment.

There are ways to manage finances effectively during a divorce

The process of dissolving a marriage can be a complicated and emotionally difficult undertaking. However, the same does not have to be true when it comes to managing finances during a divorce. California residents who are going through this upheaval may benefit from focusing on financial stability in the road ahead.

There are several steps one can take in order to carefully manage one's financial affairs once a divorce is initiated. One of the first steps is taking into consideration what would be beneficial to both parties. Though this may sound counterproductive, it can lead to a better outcome for both spouses. Secondly, there will be many acquaintances and friends who may try to offer advice; however, it may be best to focus on the sound advice offered by experienced professionals in order to make rational decisions. When working on a dissolution, any joint bank and credit accounts should be closed and new individual accounts opened only in one's name to preserve one's credit rating.

Divorce can be less painful with goals in mind

In spite of one's best efforts, not every marriage will survive. When a divorce becomes the best option, the process may be viewed as a painful and exhausting ordeal. However, if one is able to keep clear goals in mind, then California residents may find that the experience does not have to be as painful as first believed.

During a divorce, many people may decide that they need to focus on what makes a settlement fair or equitable. Though California is a community property state, which helps determine how assets may be divided, a better approach for some may be to focus on what one really desires to gain from a dissolution. It may turn out that what one really wishes to obtain is worth fighting for, while other considerations may be worth letting go or negotiating over. Keeping in mind that a divorce could be considered the end of a business contract may help to keep emotions in check during this process.

Woman convicted for telling girl to lie in a family law matter

When parents are caught up in a child custody dispute, they often struggle to resolve their conflict. At times, parents have been known to make false allegations against the other in order to try and sway a family law judge to change custody orders. California parents who find themselves involved in a contentious dispute may seek the support of professionals.

Recently, a woman was convicted for her role in concocting a story of child molestation in an effort to have her boyfriend awarded custody of his daughter. According to the officials, she and the father decided to convince his 6-year-old daughter to lie about her mother's boyfriend having had criminal physical contact with her. According to the father's initial story, his girlfriend approached him at a restaurant and reported that his daughter had information she wanted to share with him.

Man filed for military divorce; seeks custody of wife's child

Marriage is never an easy proposition even under the best circumstances. When a marriage involves both distance -- as is often the case with active duty service members -- and deception, these factors may lead to the need to file for a military divorce. Those residing in California may seek more information if they find themselves in this situation.

Recently, one active duty member found himself in the untenable position of discovering that the child his wife was expecting was not his biological baby. Even though he was aware of the fact that he was not the father, he stated his intentions of raising the baby as his own. In time, the mother went into labor and checked into a local hospital.

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