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Finding a Great Custody Attorney

Nobody wants to shop for an attorney. It is by far one of the most important tasks you may face when it comes to your children and their future with you.  Unfortunately, the cost of the lawyer usually goes hand in hand with their experience level and demand.

How Good Can A Divorce Attorney Be ?

There are good attorneys in Family Law and there are GREAT attorneys in Family Law. Lawyers who make the "great" grade are strong strategists, negotiators and litigators. When all those titles are met you have an experienced matrimonial attorney who communicates with you, helps you set realistic goals, and can effectively resolve a divorce case by tailoring his strategy to your goals.

Divorcing a Controlling Spouse

If you have been married to a control freak and had enough you may be in for a long fight.  Controllers in a relationship continue to try to control after a relationship ends. Often they fight to control children in custody cases, and by doing sothey are still controlling you.  They do not normally care what the cost to fight for control might be as long as they are still attempting to win control. 

Gaining Financial Information in Divorce

When a couple divorces, a certain amount of animosity occurs. Conflicts pertaining to financial information or documents can be difficult as both sides rush to gather up all the financial documents. Both parties should be privey to all financial documentation pertaining to marital assets, debt and more.  In fact, you have a right to obtaining this vital information. 

Man allegedly threatens judge over child custody case

There are a variety of situations that may result in a parent losing custody of children. These may involve the complicated dynamics that occur between parents during a relationship breakdown or may involve allegations that children are not receiving proper care or supervision. Every day, families in California are faced with child custody situations that are not easily resolved on their own.

In 2014, a family's children were removed from the home on allegations that the children were not receiving proper care. The father disputed the claims and stated that the situation involved the decision to proceed with a home birth and with a holistic approach to heath care for the minors in the home. However, child protection workers claimed that the children suffered from neglect and possible malnourishment while also facing danger of abuse. The 26-year-old father in this case alleged that the county kidnapped the children under false pretenses.

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