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March 2017 Archives

Separation versus divorce: Which is best for your family?

In California, there are three ways to end a marriage: divorce, annulment and separation. Annulment is an option for few couples, and if you are not quite ready for divorce, a legal separation agreement may be the most appropriate option. Legal separation allows a couple to live apart per the terms of a formally drafted agreement addressing custody, support and other concerns.

U.S. Supreme Court wades into issue of military divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is often a relief for the parties involved. When one or both parties are in the service, it makes good sense to rely upon a family law attorney experienced in handling the unique issues that are typically involved. In fact, the U. S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could impact every military divorce, including those in California. 

Website offers help for parents to work together after a divorce

One of the biggest obstacles to raising children after a marriage dissolves may be agreeing on how to coordinate child raising from separate households. One website now offers information and tools that are advertised as being aids to parents seeking to find solutions for parenting after a divorce. The website is available to families in every state, including California.

What state law has to say about domestic violence restraining orders

It's an unfortunate scenario that plays out with stunning regularity across Southern California: a couple gets into some manner of altercation, the police are summoned and one party is taken away in handcuffs on domestic violence charges.

What happens to the family home in a divorce?

While the statistics suggest that more marriages are lasting longer, not every relationship will last a lifetime. In the event that a couple decides a divorce is the best option, there are many matters that need to be settled.  Though California has its own laws regarding property division, there are still three possible options regarding the family home.

How disposable retired pay is treated in a military divorce

The federal government has long provided members of our nation's armed forces with a host of valuable benefits in recognition of their service and their sacrifice, including health care, access to education and, of course, a generous retirement benefits.

Clouding child custody with substance abuse

Perhaps your spouse's addiction is the driving reason behind your decision to file for divorce. You may have concluded that your spouse's substance abuse is creating a toxic environment for you and the children. However, the children may not really understand the situation, and you know they will want to spend time with their other parent after the divorce is final.

What options do you have for removing your name from the mortgage post-divorce?

There a multiple avenues that divorcing couples can decide to take concerning the martial home, meaning the primary residence where they once built memories or even raised a family together. Indeed, they can decide to sell the house, hang onto it until a favorable time to unload it arises, or agree that one of them will keep it, refinancing the mortgage in the near future in order to remove the other spouse's name from the loan and the deed.

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