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There is help to protect your child custody rights in California

It is true that many things do not last forever; however, the love between a parent and child is one that does endure. When you separate from the parent of your child, one of your biggest fears may be that you won't be able to achieve an appropriate and fair parenting plan. The California courts use guidelines to help determine a suitable child custody arrangement, but you will still benefit by having someone to negotiate on your behalf and looking out for you in court.

Former Congressman Weiner's wife seeks divorce

Several years ago, Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign after he was caught up in a sexting scandal. However, he recently entered a guilty plea to charges that he was sending explict messages to a minor, and, shortly that plea, his wife filed for divorce. While the couple do not reside in California, it is likely that many have heard about the former congressman's legal woes.

Moving Away For a New Start

I once heard the phrase "Divorce keeps you living at the burial site of your marriage." This is often very true as divorce takes its toll on finances causing you to remain in the same old city where you lived with your ex.

In-laws or outlaws?

Most people deal with In-laws carefully during divorce. When children are part of the marriage, inlaws can be one sided due to the fact that they want to retain a relationship with their grandchildren.

Holidays and Child Visitation

When divorcing with children, facing holidays and special events can be a struggle. The reason is two fold. One is the emotional level due to remembering prior holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving with your ex. Second, it is difficult to send your children off with the other parent when you want them during the entire Holiday.

Imputing Income in Divorce

Generally there are two sides when addressing alimony issues in Divorce. The non-paying spouse may argue that the paying spouse has deliberately hidden or suppressed income. The paying party may argue that the parent who was unemployed due to acting as the homemaker should use their abilities and engage in a high paying job. This brings the question concerning what is in the best interest of the children.

Blurred lines between military service and domestic violence

Many California families include combat veterans of the U.S. military. Some of these brave service members have completed one, two or more tours of duty overseas during war time. Adjusting to civilian life post deployment often includes serious challenges. Many military veterans suffer unseen injuries, the sources of which are not always apparent. For instance, many Gulf War veterans continue to suffer various adverse cognitive, physical and mental conditions related to their service, but substantiating the link between the two remains a challenging quest.

Domestic violence allegations can ruin more than your family

When a relationship breaks down, there can be more at stake than who gets the house and furniture. If the dissolution turns ugly, one partner or the other may use allegations of domestic violence to try and win in the end. Unfortunately, even if these accusations are baseless, the result can ruin more than family relationships. If you find yourself in this situation, there are resources here in California that may be able to help remedy the situation.

Riverside County Divorce Attorney

Are you in search of the Nearest Riverside County Divorce Attorney that can conclude your divorce or family law case? We understand how difficult it can be to choose a local divorce attorney that will fight to defend you. It is impoortant that you choose an advocate who will represent your best interests on the road to divorce.

Whether required for family law court, parenting classes may help

Professionals often state that the children whose parents divorce tend to have more problems for at least five years after the dissolution. Now, many family law courts are requiring parents to take classes in order to learn methods for effective parenting. Currently, California parents are required to take these classes only if stipulated by their particular judge.

Why do I Need a California Child Abuse Central Index Defense Attorney ?

Whether you are at the beginning or in the midst of a CPS Investigation, you should understand the importance of the case at hand. It is often best to find out your rights relating to the Social and Welfare Institutions Code.

Bi-Polar and Divorce issues

Divorce can be a significant factor when a married person lives with a Bipolar spouse. Current statistics show you face some pretty poor odds of staying in a marital relationship if living with Bipolar disorder. Current divorce rates are astounding at 90%. Divorce is not always the final straw. There are couples who recognize the horrific effects of Bipolar as a mental illness, and work towards trying to keep their marriage in tact.

Riverside Fathers Rights

Father's Rights in California refers to Fathers who want to maintain a relationship with their children in a Paternity or Divorce matter. Typically, equitable Child Custody and shared parenting for fathers, is the primary goal in a Father's rights case. This is the absolute opposite of the "dead-beat-dad" who ignores his children, and pays no child support after separation from the biological mother of his child.

Choosing the best Family Law Attorney

We understand the importance of choosing the right attorney. We all know there is an abundance of lawyers in the state of California. And because of this fact, we will discuss the reasons why our clients have chosen family law attorney Richard K. Isles to represent their best interests in a divorce case, child custody case, spousal support case or modification of custody or support matter.

Amicable and Uncontested Divorce

Do you ever wonder "how can I afford a divorce"? Our firm has taken a direct and cost effective approach to representing clients in amicable as well as contested divorces. If you have discussed the issues at hand with your soon- to- be ex, and both agree in settling out of court, you might well be a candidate for an amicable dissolution (divorce).

Stolen Assets in Divorce

You drive home after a long days work, walk through the front door only to find all the furniture is gone. After a brief shock you continue walking through to the family room and the electronics are gone, leaving an old vcr as the last of your assets. With fear that you have been robbed, a note sits on the counter from your ex "I took what was mine and left your property".

Social Networking and Family Law

Social Networking has made a direct impact in the Family courts. The family law courts see numerous cases where one party to the divorce posts their "party-life" status or evidence of their unfavorable habits online. In child custody and visitation cases, these traits are not always forgiving in the courts.

Military divorce rate higher for servicewoman than for servicemen

Those who choose to serve their country often do so at a great cost to themselves. Marriage always takes a great deal of time and attention, and when one or both spouses are also committed to their nation, then a higher military divorce rate might not be a surprise to many. There are likely many California service personnel who have gone through their own relationship battlefield.

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