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Defending against claims of child abuse is aspect of family law

Raising a family is never an easy undertaking, no matter one's background or social status. However, being accused of committing abuse of one's child or possibly neglecting the care of a child may be an emotionally exhausting and frightening situation. Both of these matters can fall under the purview of family law, and an experienced attorney may be able to help navigate these disturbing allegations.

Fire official faces allegations of domestic violence

Those who work in the public sector often face intense situations that call for calm reasoning in an effort to diffuse the volatile emotions involved. When these circumstances involve allegations of domestic violence, the fallout on both a victim's and an alleged perpetrator's life can have lasting consequences. Recently, one California official has had to face his own trial by fire.

Is post-traumatic stress related to your current domestic stress?

As the spouse of a military combat veteran in California, you are undoubtedly aware of the many challenges involved in helping a veteran re-adapt to civilian life. If your spouse suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, no one needs to tell you how difficult life can be as the symptoms of this disorder rear their ugly heads in the weeks, months and years that follow return from deployment. Sadly, post-traumatic stress is often a causal factor in domestic violence incidents.

Child custody dispute turns violent

The end of a relationship between parents is seldom without its difficulties and disagreements. However, in spite of hard feelings at times, the majority of parents are capable of resolving child custody disputes without either party resorting to threats or violence. When California parents find themselves at odds when trying to arrange suitable custody plans, they may wish to consult with experienced family law professionals.

How to handle child custody when a parent wants to relocate

When two parents decide to put an end to the fighting and dissolve their marriage, it may be the easiest decision in the process. Once a divorce has been initiated, the biggest issue may be child custody and where they kids will reside. California has laws regarding these matters, but parents may still need help to arrive at the best solutions. 

Life lessons that a divorce that teach

Many people imagine what it will be like to meet and marry the partner of their dreams. However, few people likely consider what his or her life may look like after a divorce changes that vision. As many California families have likely discovered, a divorce does not mean that life cannot be enriched after a marriage dissolves.

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