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November 2017 Archives

Bitter divorce and custody fight may have led to murder plot

There are never any guarantees in life, especially when it involves personal relationships such as marriage. While few hope that a particular marriage will end in a divorce, the reality is that a significant percentage of relationships do. Unfortunately, one recent California divorce and ensuing custody dispute took a dangerous turn.

Family law professionals can help in false abuse allegations

Far too often, media sources feature stories of children who have suffered devastating abuse at the hands of trusted adults. Unfortunately, there are also reports of abuse that are unfounded and based on either incomplete information or false accusations. If one finds him- or herself facing allegations of child abuse, a California family law professional may provide vital assistance.

Collecting child support and alimony in a military divorce

As any California family who has gone through a divorce is aware, it is often an emotionally and financially difficult period. While the laws that regulate how to obtain alimony and child support are spelled out fairly clearly in a civilian divorce, the process can be more involved during a military divorce. The best approach is to have as much information available when attempting to collect these often vital monies.

Program provides help for child victims of domestic violence

Statistics report that up to an estimated 10 million children may be exposed to violence in the home on a yearly basis. Studies show that these children are at a higher risk for developing serious emotional and behavioral problems due to witnessing domestic violence. Several years ago, an initiative was started in California that is now being replicated throughout the country to help reverse the damage inflicted.

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