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Tips on how to share news of a divorce

Depending on the couple and their social inclinations, the decision to marry may have been shouted from the rooftops or shared in a more intimate fashion. When it comes time to inform friends and family that the relationship will be ending in a divorce, it may take some time to determine how to do so. There are tips that might be useful to California residents who may be contemplating who to tell and how. 

My ex can work but doesn't, do I have to keep paying support?

You entered a marriage in your late 20s after you and your wife both finished college and had experience in the workforce. After having children, your wife quit her job to stay home with the kids. Now, 10 years down the line, you find yourself divorced and paying spousal support on top of child support. Your ex can work but chooses not to, leaving you to wonder if you really have to keep paying for her to live her life.

Child custody and military divorce require extra planning

Those who elect to serve their country make many personal sacrifices. Unfortunately, the pressures that come with this service often result in the end of marital relationships. Service personnel who are located in California may seek out the assistance of a family law professional who is well-versed in the intricacies that differentiate a military divorce from a civilian one.

Court rules father to serve time for taping child custody hearing

There are few things that can cause more bitterness and fighting than when parents are unable to resolve with whom their child should reside in the event of a divorce. The ensuing child custody battle can lead to a parent making questionable decisions during the process. The majority of court hearings in California prohibit recording by the involved parties, as it can violate wire tapping laws and privacy expectations.

Officials at university donate to domestic violence programs

In many ways, a university located in a city or town is more than an institution for learning. It often plays a broader role of helping to educate the greater community about important social issues such as the problems posed by domestic violence. There are many such universities throughout California that help support community outreach programs within their geographic locations.

For many in a troubled marriage, New Year's goals include divorce

According to statistics, the beginning of a new year and the end of summer are the peak times for couples to take steps to end a contentious marriage. There may be many factors leading up to the decision to seek a divorce, but difficult holiday celebrations and vacations that ended poorly may be the final impetus many couples need to end an unsustainable relationship. There are likely countless California spouses who are contemplating taking this step themselves who may benefit from several suggestions to make the ordeal less taxing.

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