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There are several common misconceptions about domestic violence

The recent news concerning a top White House official who allegedly engaged in abusive behavior towards his now-former wives shocked countless people. However, there are common misconceptions concerning domestic violence that need to be dispelled in order to help victims and break the cycle. There may be numerous California residents who are currently suffering some form of abuse who are in need of assistance and guidance to protect themselves.

One of the first misconceptions concerning domestic abuse is that it is a strictly physical act. Sadly, there are many other types of abuse that controlling partners can use to keep a victim off balance. Many situations entail emotional, sexual, financial and mental abuse rather than physical beatings. In addition, men are also abuse victims, though they are often overlooked by the agencies and laws established to protect all victims.

Another often-repeated myth is that a victim can always leave; therefore, the situation must not be dire. Sadly, many abuse victims are incapable of leaving due to economic reasons or out of fear of suffering further harm. Furthermore, abuse is an equal opportunity crime. There is no quintessential victim or typical scenario. Abusers and their victims can easily come from any economic or social status -- abuse is not limited to uneducated or low-income populations.

Lastly, many relatives or friends tend to believe that an alleged abuser simply lost control of his or her emotions due to a stressful circumstance. Instead, the majority of alleged abusers have a pattern of behavior that leads to them resorting to abuse as a regular method of control over their victim rather than a one-time occurrence. All too often, the signs of abusive behavior are overlooked or ignored due to these misconceptions of what constitutes domestic violence. Until this serious issue can be eliminated, victims need help in protecting themselves and their loved ones. California residents can seek the assistance of a compassionate and skilled attorney who can provide the information and tools needed to ensure one's safety in the future. 

Source: Chicago Tribune, "5 myths about domestic violence??", Susan R. Paisner, Feb. 26, 2018

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