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March 2018 Archives

Community urged to be aware of signs of domestic violence

Tragically, the news media frequently features a story that portrays the violent end of an abusive relationship. After another such deadly incident in California, community members were urged to become educated about the possible signs of domestic violence. There are several indicators that friends and family should be aware of that may encourage a victim to choose to seek help.

Agency found to have violated family law in removing children

The vast majority of parents work diligently to ensure that their children are cared for and are protected. Unfortunately, not every child enjoys these basic rights and may need to be removed while parents work to correct poor behaviors or environmental conditions. There are laws that state how social workers are to conduct themselves in order to ensure that parental rights are not violated. California parents who believe their rights have not been protected may seek assistance from a family law attorney. 

What are your options when divorce is not an option?

The end of a marriage is difficult. There are both financial and emotional challenges associated with ending an important relationship and extricating two lives, especially when it does not seem like divorce is an option. If divorce is not a possibility for you right now for any reason, there are still ways to formally separate and move on with your life.

Settlement is final word on post-divorce interactions

The end of a marriage is often an equally draining and rewarding experience. After the dust has settled, however, interactions between former spouses often do not end, especially when there are children or other situations that require continued contact. California residents who have endured the divorce process may often rely on their settlement agreement to resolve future disputes.

There is no perfect model when it comes to child custody plans

Back when divorces were less common, it was customary for mothers to be the primary caretakers when a marriage ended. That has been changing in recent years, as both parents and the courts are more open to child custody agreements that better meet the needs of children. Though California has its own laws concerning how custody can be decided, if parents can find a workable solution, then their children will likely benefit in the end.

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