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Woman convicted for telling girl to lie in a family law matter

When parents are caught up in a child custody dispute, they often struggle to resolve their conflict. At times, parents have been known to make false allegations against the other in order to try and sway a family law judge to change custody orders. California parents who find themselves involved in a contentious dispute may seek the support of professionals.

Man filed for military divorce; seeks custody of wife's child

Marriage is never an easy proposition even under the best circumstances. When a marriage involves both distance -- as is often the case with active duty service members -- and deception, these factors may lead to the need to file for a military divorce. Those residing in California may seek more information if they find themselves in this situation.

Terms of divorce can be incorporated into family care plan

As a member of the U.S. military in California, you no doubt understand the challenges many military families face when trying to balance military duties with family obligations. If you have recently deployed or are expecting your unit to serve active duty overseas in the near future, you may worry about certain issues pertaining to your children's well-being, especially if you are going through divorce.  

Matt Lauer's anticipated divorce expected to be a costly one

The wife of the former "Today" show co-host, Matt Lauer, is expected to file for a dissolution in the near future. The disgraced former television personality was terminated from his position late last year after being accused of inappropriate behavior with female co-workers. Viewers from across the country, including California, may have been surprised by the allegations lodged against Lauer, though his wife purportedly filed for divorce several years ago based on accusations of cruel treatment.

Woman shares story to help other domestic violence victims

Abusive behavior in the home is nothing new and neither is the reluctance for others to talk about it. However, sharing stories of domestic violence may help other victims find the courage to make a change for themselves and their loved ones. This is a widespread social problem that affects countless families here in California.

A shift from traditional role during marriage may lead to divorce

Before a couple agrees to marry, there are likely many decisions that were discussed and resolved. In spite of the best planning, not every future event can be predicted or planned for. It is these unexpected issues that can lead a once-healthy relationship down the road to divorce. One risk factor may surprise California residents as this state is known for its forward thinking in most matters.

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