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August 2018 Archives

Advocates claim Ohio State failed domestic violence victims

Media sources feature many stories concerning sports figures and coaches who have either purportedly abused others or have worked to conceal such actions. Advocates of victims of domestic violence are calling for more to be done to ensure that such abuse is eliminated from sporting programs. There are countless California residents who have suffered harm from this pervasive societal problem.

Child custody disputes require much effort and time to resolve

The end of a relationship between parents often results in disagreements over who will have custody of the children and how the children should be raised. In many situations, parents are able to arrive at a workable child custody plan before the matter goes before a family court judge. California has its own laws regarding how custody will be awarded, but the majority of courts attempt to preserve a child's relationship with both parents whenever possible.

End to anonymous reporting reduce false child abuse allegations?

The issue of child abuse has been a growing concern. Unfortunately, while there are children who are in danger of being harmed by their care providers, there are also families who have been traumatized by false child abuse allegations. Though California has its own laws guiding how these reports are made, anonymous reporting may be a contributor to these allegations.

For many couples, it was the fight that ended in divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, there is often a pattern of behavior that may indicate the impending demise. For many couples, there may be a particular fight that they point to as the final straw for their troubled relationship. California residents who can see a divorce in their future may be able to relate to some of the experiences divorced couples shared.

Grandparents still wait for more help under family law

Years ago, extended family members were often close, both geographically and physically. However, in many situations, grandparents are often unable to visit their grandchildren as frequently as they would like, and they may not have recourse under the current family law provisions in their states. While California does provide for grandparents to seek visitation rights, there are restrictions on the conditions that apply.

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