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Life lessons that a divorce that teach

Many people imagine what it will be like to meet and marry the partner of their dreams. However, few people likely consider what his or her life may look like after a divorce changes that vision. As many California families have likely discovered, a divorce does not mean that life cannot be enriched after a marriage dissolves.

Plan carefully when entering into a divorce settlement agreement

Not every couple who decides that a marriage is no longer sustainable will default to antagonistic behaviors. In fact, some couples are able to enter into a divorce settlement agreement amicably. However, every state has its own laws, and California couples may choose to exercise caution when considering these types of contracts.

Many divorce filings are rooted in several common issues

The majority of couples enter into marriage believing that it will be a lifelong union. Unfortunately, life seldom turns out the way one imagines, and some say an estimated half of marriages will end in divorce. Many California families may find this hard to accept in the beginning, but a dissolution can be an opportunity to refocus one's plans and dreams.

How Good Can A Divorce Attorney Be ?

There are good attorneys in Family Law and there are GREAT attorneys in Family Law. Lawyers who make the "great" grade are strong strategists, negotiators and litigators. When all those titles are met you have an experienced matrimonial attorney who communicates with you, helps you set realistic goals, and can effectively resolve a divorce case by tailoring his strategy to your goals.

Divorce When Spouse Had An Affair

If your spouse had an extramarital affair, the first word that comes to mind is devastation. There is no way around it, when you confirm that your spouse was unfaithful you are either shocked or your intuition is confirmed. Emotions heighten and you see your world turned around perhaps with no positive end in sight. You may worry about the childrens emotions, finances, bills and the future.

Former Congressman Weiner's wife seeks divorce

Several years ago, Congressman Anthony Weiner was forced to resign after he was caught up in a sexting scandal. However, he recently entered a guilty plea to charges that he was sending explict messages to a minor, and, shortly that plea, his wife filed for divorce. While the couple do not reside in California, it is likely that many have heard about the former congressman's legal woes.

Moving Away For a New Start

I once heard the phrase "Divorce keeps you living at the burial site of your marriage." This is often very true as divorce takes its toll on finances causing you to remain in the same old city where you lived with your ex.

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