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Musician settles divorce with ex-wife for more than $6 million

Those who are involved in the entertainment field are often envied for their opulent lifestyles. Unfortunately, when their marriages come to an end, they may struggle to work out a settlement agreement that allows them to maintain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. California residents may be concerned about how the state's divorce laws will impact their own settlement agreements.

For many couples, it was the fight that ended in divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, there is often a pattern of behavior that may indicate the impending demise. For many couples, there may be a particular fight that they point to as the final straw for their troubled relationship. California residents who can see a divorce in their future may be able to relate to some of the experiences divorced couples shared.

Couples in midst of divorce should consider cyber security needs

In today's society, the demand for easy access to the myriad of online accounts and social media has lead to multiple avenues to link accounts. Unfortunately, what was meant to enable easy access can become detrimental when a couple is headed for a divorce. Though there are many California laws that attempt to address cyber security in general, this important issue is often overlooked by divorcing couples.

Therapists claim divorce does not mean one failed in a marriage

The pervasive school of thought concerning marriage is that if it ends in a dissolution, then one or both spouses may have failed to put in enough effort to make it work. However, many therapists are debunking that thought by suggesting that a divorce may indicate that the parties were successful. California residents may benefit from examining the reasons behind this current belief.

There are ways to manage finances effectively during a divorce

The process of dissolving a marriage can be a complicated and emotionally difficult undertaking. However, the same does not have to be true when it comes to managing finances during a divorce. California residents who are going through this upheaval may benefit from focusing on financial stability in the road ahead.

Divorce can be less painful with goals in mind

In spite of one's best efforts, not every marriage will survive. When a divorce becomes the best option, the process may be viewed as a painful and exhausting ordeal. However, if one is able to keep clear goals in mind, then California residents may find that the experience does not have to be as painful as first believed.

Matt Lauer's anticipated divorce expected to be a costly one

The wife of the former "Today" show co-host, Matt Lauer, is expected to file for a dissolution in the near future. The disgraced former television personality was terminated from his position late last year after being accused of inappropriate behavior with female co-workers. Viewers from across the country, including California, may have been surprised by the allegations lodged against Lauer, though his wife purportedly filed for divorce several years ago based on accusations of cruel treatment.

A shift from traditional role during marriage may lead to divorce

Before a couple agrees to marry, there are likely many decisions that were discussed and resolved. In spite of the best planning, not every future event can be predicted or planned for. It is these unexpected issues that can lead a once-healthy relationship down the road to divorce. One risk factor may surprise California residents as this state is known for its forward thinking in most matters.

These common conflicts can often lead to a divorce

Couples who have been involved in previous relationships or have spent some time in their current marriage may come to the realization that there are no new issues to fight over. Instead, it is often some variation of the same conflict that keeps cropping up. No matter how much effort either party puts in, California residents may find that these conflicts eventually lead to a divorce.

Rudy Guiliani and third wife seeking divorce after 15 years

Those who rise to prominence in the public sector often live under the spotlight of public scrutiny. While a divorce filing in the life of an ordinary California resident will not typically make news, these decisions become news when it involves well-known politicians or celebrities. Recently, the media announced that the third wife of former mayor, Rudy Guiliani, has filed for a divorce after 15 years.

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