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Fire official faces allegations of domestic violence

Those who work in the public sector often face intense situations that call for calm reasoning in an effort to diffuse the volatile emotions involved. When these circumstances involve allegations of domestic violence, the fallout on both a victim's and an alleged perpetrator's life can have lasting consequences. Recently, one California official has had to face his own trial by fire.

Project works to inform others of effects of domestic violence

One of the safest refuges from the stress of daily life is supposed to be the comfort provided by the intimate relationship with a loved one. Unfortunately, as some California families have discovered, this relationship can be the source of danger if a partner resorts to domestic violence. There are organizations and professionals who are working to make a difference for victims.

Divorcing a Controlling Spouse

If you have been married to a control freak and had enough you may be in for a long fight.  Controllers in a relationship continue to try to control after a relationship ends. Often they fight to control children in custody cases, and by doing sothey are still controlling you.  They do not normally care what the cost to fight for control might be as long as they are still attempting to win control. 

Domestic violence allegations can ruin more than your family

When a relationship breaks down, there can be more at stake than who gets the house and furniture. If the dissolution turns ugly, one partner or the other may use allegations of domestic violence to try and win in the end. Unfortunately, even if these accusations are baseless, the result can ruin more than family relationships. If you find yourself in this situation, there are resources here in California that may be able to help remedy the situation.


If you have been followed stalked threatened and made to feel unsafe from an ex a restraining order may be the answer.  Women often fall victim of this aggressive and controlling scenario.  Unfortunately Domestic Violence stalking is much more serious than you may think. It can be happening anywhere while you have no knowledge your being tracked as to where you have been and who were with.

Domestic violence can impact anyone's life

Whether in California or another state, there is no one social status or income bracket that can predict whether abuse will take place in the home. In fact,  it's estimated that one in four women will be harmed by domestic violence in their lifetime. The figure for men is one in seven. 

What state law has to say about domestic violence restraining orders

It's an unfortunate scenario that plays out with stunning regularity across Southern California: a couple gets into some manner of altercation, the police are summoned and one party is taken away in handcuffs on domestic violence charges.

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