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Deputy accused of using family law for unlawful purposes

Some of the worst crimes are those that are perpetrated against innocent children, including any type of child abuse. However, false accusations of abusing a child can be just as horrible, since it is often difficult to restore one's reputation. Recently, one California father was facing such charges in family law court based on a false report filed by a deputy.

Agency found to have violated family law in removing children

The vast majority of parents work diligently to ensure that their children are cared for and are protected. Unfortunately, not every child enjoys these basic rights and may need to be removed while parents work to correct poor behaviors or environmental conditions. There are laws that state how social workers are to conduct themselves in order to ensure that parental rights are not violated. California parents who believe their rights have not been protected may seek assistance from a family law attorney. 

Parents who homeschool may require family law assistance someday

When the recent story broke about the family who purportedly starved their 13 children and chained them to beds, many officials turned their scrutiny on families who choose to educate their children at home. Indeed, with the increased calls for reforms to home education regulations in many parts of the country, California homeschooling families may find themselves in need of an attorney who practices in family law. There are many who have stated their belief that parents who teach at home are attempting to hide abuse and neglect.

Court hearing family law case concerning consent to have children

In what could be a precedent-setting case, the top court in one state is considering whether to grant a woman's request to have her parental rights terminated. What makes this particular family law case unique is it concerns whether a spouse in a same-sex marriage consented to have a child through a sperm donor. The case is being followed closely by same-sex advocacy groups in California and across the country. 

Family law professionals can help in false abuse allegations

Far too often, media sources feature stories of children who have suffered devastating abuse at the hands of trusted adults. Unfortunately, there are also reports of abuse that are unfounded and based on either incomplete information or false accusations. If one finds him- or herself facing allegations of child abuse, a California family law professional may provide vital assistance.

After divorce, family law court may grant modifications at times

After they have been issued a final divorce decree, most former spouses seek to leave the past behind them and seek a new life. However, there may arise certain circumstances when one needs to seek a modification to the orders a family law judge issued. A California resident who finds that personal situations warrant such an action may seek help in filing these petitions.

Defending against claims of child abuse is aspect of family law

Raising a family is never an easy undertaking, no matter one's background or social status. However, being accused of committing abuse of one's child or possibly neglecting the care of a child may be an emotionally exhausting and frightening situation. Both of these matters can fall under the purview of family law, and an experienced attorney may be able to help navigate these disturbing allegations.

California family law has provisions for grandparent visitation

Families take many forms in today's society, and as a result, parents and grandparents may not be as close as in years past. As a result, some California grandparents may wonder if they have any options when it comes to spending time with their grandchildren. There are provisions in the family law statutes for these relatives to seek visitation rights.

Whether required for family law court, parenting classes may help

Professionals often state that the children whose parents divorce tend to have more problems for at least five years after the dissolution. Now, many family law courts are requiring parents to take classes in order to learn methods for effective parenting. Currently, California parents are required to take these classes only if stipulated by their particular judge.

Social Networking and Family Law

Social Networking has made a direct impact in the Family courts. The family law courts see numerous cases where one party to the divorce posts their "party-life" status or evidence of their unfavorable habits online. In child custody and visitation cases, these traits are not always forgiving in the courts.

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