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Military divorce and the USFSPA

Members of the U.S. Armed Forces enjoy numerous benefits due to their service to the country. Their spouses may also enjoy many of those benefits, at least during the marriage. Whether they get to keep those benefits after a military divorce depends on how the Uniformed Services Former Spouse Protection Act applies to the situation.

Ex-spouse shares her experience with a military divorce

Those who are married to a military member often endure many changes in their lives as well as the sacrifices that come with deployments and relocation. This may make a military marriage more difficult than a civilian union. Furthermore, obtaining a military divorce when the relationship is no longer sustainable may require more effort than a non-military dissolution. California residents who are contemplating a divorce may benefit from the assistance of a professional who is knowledgeable about military procedures.

Man filed for military divorce; seeks custody of wife's child

Marriage is never an easy proposition even under the best circumstances. When a marriage involves both distance -- as is often the case with active duty service members -- and deception, these factors may lead to the need to file for a military divorce. Those residing in California may seek more information if they find themselves in this situation.

Military divorce rate shows little change though marriages down

There is no truly accurate way to compare marriages and divorces in the military to those in civilian life. The overall divorce rate in the United States does not include data from several states, including California. However, just as in civilian life, the total numbers of marriages in the armed forces has declined slightly while the military divorce rate has remained relatively static.

A military divorce requires two-fold approach

The decision to marry while one or both spouses are serving in the armed forces may require even more consideration than the exchange of vows in civilian life. In the event the marriage does not last, then getting a military divorce requires knowledge of both civilian and service-related procedures. California residents who are contemplating such a decision may benefit from approaching the process in a two-fold manner.

Child custody and military divorce require extra planning

Those who elect to serve their country make many personal sacrifices. Unfortunately, the pressures that come with this service often result in the end of marital relationships. Service personnel who are located in California may seek out the assistance of a family law professional who is well-versed in the intricacies that differentiate a military divorce from a civilian one.

Seeking the right professional for your military divorce needs

The end of a marriage is never an easy transition. When either one or both of the spouses involved are service personnel, then there are often special circumstances that can complicate the process -- including how to handle child custody. California residents may be best served by seeking the guidance of a professional who has extensive knowledge in the laws pertaining to a military divorce.

Collecting child support and alimony in a military divorce

As any California family who has gone through a divorce is aware, it is often an emotionally and financially difficult period. While the laws that regulate how to obtain alimony and child support are spelled out fairly clearly in a civilian divorce, the process can be more involved during a military divorce. The best approach is to have as much information available when attempting to collect these often vital monies.

Location of filing in a military divorce makes a difference

When a civilian couple concludes that a marriage is no longer viable, the spouses file for dissolution in their state of residency. However, those who are seeking a military divorce do have options of where to file their paperwork. Service members currently residing in California may elect to file their petition here if doing so is most beneficial.

There are many differences when seeking a military divorce

There are few things in life that require as much energy and time as marriage and family. If one of the spouses happens to be a service member, that added pressure could result in the couple eventually seeking a military divorce. With so many military installations located in California, there are likely many families that are considering this option. 

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