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Court rules father to serve time for taping child custody hearing

There are few things that can cause more bitterness and fighting than when parents are unable to resolve with whom their child should reside in the event of a divorce. The ensuing child custody battle can lead to a parent making questionable decisions during the process. The majority of court hearings in California prohibit recording by the involved parties, as it can violate wire tapping laws and privacy expectations.

Child custody hearing ends in grandmother forcibly taking child

One of the most contentious disagreements may involve deciding who will have primary care of a child after a relationship between parents comes to an end. However, the majority of child custody disputes will not end in children being taken at gunpoint. Though many California parents likely have experienced difficulties in establishing custody arrangements, they do not result to illegal measures.

Child custody: Girl safe after possible kidnapping

Having a family together is the dream of many couples. However, the happily ever after is hard to attain for many couples, and children are sometimes caught in the middle of a child custody dispute. There are countless California families who do find a way to ensure that the needs of their children are met regardless of the relationship between the parents.

Child custody dispute turns violent

The end of a relationship between parents is seldom without its difficulties and disagreements. However, in spite of hard feelings at times, the majority of parents are capable of resolving child custody disputes without either party resorting to threats or violence. When California parents find themselves at odds when trying to arrange suitable custody plans, they may wish to consult with experienced family law professionals.

How to handle child custody when a parent wants to relocate

When two parents decide to put an end to the fighting and dissolve their marriage, it may be the easiest decision in the process. Once a divorce has been initiated, the biggest issue may be child custody and where they kids will reside. California has laws regarding these matters, but parents may still need help to arrive at the best solutions. 

Child custody fight leads to injury and assault charges for 5

Parents who are no longer together can often work out a parenting plan without excessive contempt. However, there are situations when a child custody dispute can reach an impasse that seems impossible to resolve. There are likely thousands of California families who have found themselves in need of assistance in order to move forward for the sake of their children.

Man allegedly threatens judge over child custody case

There are a variety of situations that may result in a parent losing custody of children. These may involve the complicated dynamics that occur between parents during a relationship breakdown or may involve allegations that children are not receiving proper care or supervision. Every day, families in California are faced with child custody situations that are not easily resolved on their own.

There is help to protect your child custody rights in California

It is true that many things do not last forever; however, the love between a parent and child is one that does endure. When you separate from the parent of your child, one of your biggest fears may be that you won't be able to achieve an appropriate and fair parenting plan. The California courts use guidelines to help determine a suitable child custody arrangement, but you will still benefit by having someone to negotiate on your behalf and looking out for you in court.

Child custody trial for Alex Jones and ex wife to last 2 weeks

Polarizing radio personality Alex Jones has a following of fans who enjoy his conspiracy theories and political commentaries. However, his attorneys in an ongoing child custody trial claim that he is a different person outside of the studio. While Jones has quite a few listeners in California, many may not know that he is fighting to retain full custody of his three children.

Mother charged with arson after losing child custody case

There may be few circumstances in life that elicit stronger emotions than deciding which parent may be better suited for providing the primary care for minor children whenever a relationship ends. However, while the battle over child custody can become emotionally exhausting, the majority of these cases will not end in criminal charges. Unfortunately, there are some parents in California and elsewhere who may become unstable when they lose physical custody of a child.

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