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The aftermath of domestic violence can take its toll

Singer Charlie Rich may have said it best with the lyrics, "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors" in the 1973 song "Behind Closed Doors." Victims of domestic violence would probably agree with this sentiment since families here in California or elsewhere in which such abuse takes place often hide it from the world as much as they can. When it finally comes out and the victims get away, most people pay attention for a short while, but then go back to their lives without considering the aftermath.

Researchers claim link between animal abuse and domestic violence

The reasons behind why a person becomes an abusive partner remain largely undetermined. However, research has demonstrated a link between those who abuse animals and those who go on to commit acts of domestic violence. Many California families have been permanently affected by this serious problem.

Rapper Fabolous facing domestic violence charges

A well-known rapper has been accused of threatening a woman with a pair of scissors and punching her in the face. The entertainer, Fabolous, who was in California on business when the alleged incident occurred, has been charged with four felony counts in what authorities are saying meets the definition of domestic violence. He is facing one count of possession of a weapon, two counts of making terroristic threats and one count of aggravated assault to a domestic violence victim.

Key domestic violence statistics and facts

One of the most difficult topics to discuss may be abuse and violence within intimate relationships. Sadly, reports of domestic violence have only increased over time and do not show signs of decreasing. California residents who are struggling with this serious problem are not alone in their suffering and can reach out for assistance.

Advocates claim Ohio State failed domestic violence victims

Media sources feature many stories concerning sports figures and coaches who have either purportedly abused others or have worked to conceal such actions. Advocates of victims of domestic violence are calling for more to be done to ensure that such abuse is eliminated from sporting programs. There are countless California residents who have suffered harm from this pervasive societal problem.

Detective placed on suspension after domestic violence allegation

Those in law enforcement are rightly held to a higher standard in both their professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will conduct themselves in a manner above reproach, and they have often been named in allegations that include domestic violence. Sadly, no California resident is safe from the possibility of becoming a victim of this often hidden crime.

NFL player, LeSean Mccoy, denies allegations of domestic violence

Professional athletes face enormous pressures both on and off the playing field. As a result, some of them find themselves facing allegations of committing various crimes, including accusations relating to domestic violence. Many California football fans are aware of LeSean McCoy's talents as a star Bills running back. It was recently reported that he is facing allegations of hurting a woman.

The face of domestic violence reflects changing society

When one hears about abuse in terms of relationships, it is likely that an image of a battered wife comes to mind. However, current research points to changing trends when it comes to domestic violence. Due to the shift in society away from traditional marriages, California residents may not be aware that the perpetrators of such abuse is more likely to be an unmarried partner.

Woman shares story to help other domestic violence victims

Abusive behavior in the home is nothing new and neither is the reluctance for others to talk about it. However, sharing stories of domestic violence may help other victims find the courage to make a change for themselves and their loved ones. This is a widespread social problem that affects countless families here in California.

Community urged to be aware of signs of domestic violence

Tragically, the news media frequently features a story that portrays the violent end of an abusive relationship. After another such deadly incident in California, community members were urged to become educated about the possible signs of domestic violence. There are several indicators that friends and family should be aware of that may encourage a victim to choose to seek help.

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