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Seeking the right professional for your military divorce needs

The end of a marriage is never an easy transition. When either one or both of the spouses involved are service personnel, then there are often special circumstances that can complicate the process -- including how to handle child custody. California residents may be best served by seeking the guidance of a professional who has extensive knowledge in the laws pertaining to a military divorce.

Collecting child support and alimony in a military divorce

As any California family who has gone through a divorce is aware, it is often an emotionally and financially difficult period. While the laws that regulate how to obtain alimony and child support are spelled out fairly clearly in a civilian divorce, the process can be more involved during a military divorce. The best approach is to have as much information available when attempting to collect these often vital monies.

Location of filing in a military divorce makes a difference

When a civilian couple concludes that a marriage is no longer viable, the spouses file for dissolution in their state of residency. However, those who are seeking a military divorce do have options of where to file their paperwork. Service members currently residing in California may elect to file their petition here if doing so is most beneficial.

There are many differences when seeking a military divorce

There are few things in life that require as much energy and time as marriage and family. If one of the spouses happens to be a service member, that added pressure could result in the couple eventually seeking a military divorce. With so many military installations located in California, there are likely many families that are considering this option. 

Military divorce ruling may affect shares of retirement pay

Marriage with a member of the U.S. military is not always easy. Whether your spouse was active when you met or joined after you married, you have likely paid a high price that may have taken its toll on you. No matter the particular reasons, the decision to end your marriage was likely a difficult one, especially if you have children.

A military divorce may require special maneuvers

The dissolution of a marriage partnership is never an easy undertaking, regardless of the circumstances. However, a military divorce may require special maneuvers when compared to a civilian dissolution. Military families in California may benefit from the guidance of one who is experienced in this specific area of family law.

Military divorce rate higher for servicewoman than for servicemen

Those who choose to serve their country often do so at a great cost to themselves. Marriage always takes a great deal of time and attention, and when one or both spouses are also committed to their nation, then a higher military divorce rate might not be a surprise to many. There are likely many California service personnel who have gone through their own relationship battlefield.

U.S. Supreme Court wades into issue of military divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is often a relief for the parties involved. When one or both parties are in the service, it makes good sense to rely upon a family law attorney experienced in handling the unique issues that are typically involved. In fact, the U. S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that could impact every military divorce, including those in California. 

How disposable retired pay is treated in a military divorce

The federal government has long provided members of our nation's armed forces with a host of valuable benefits in recognition of their service and their sacrifice, including health care, access to education and, of course, a generous retirement benefits.

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